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Editing permissions on HabitatMap
Editing permissions on HabitatMap vary depending on the element in question and the status of the participant. Maps are composed of many different editable elements each of which has different default permissions in place for admin, authors, and contributors. The system was developed to maximiz...
HabitatMap 0 2028 Fri 06/14/2013, 04:39pm
Mapping Sustainability in NYC
As Part of Solar One's "Green Renter" series, Michael Heimbinder, ED of HabitatMap, and Wendy Brawer, ED of Green Maps, will be demoing their web based mapping platforms and answering the question "Why maps?".

Solar One, 23rd St. and the East River.

December 15th from 7:...
admin 0 3899 Sun 11/30/2008, 08:16am
Air sampling in the neighborhoods surrounding Newtown Creek
8/27/2008 Michael Heimbinder from HabitatMap wrote:

I've added Steve Lang and Sarah Durand from LaGuardia Community College into the mix as we've been discussing doing an air monitoring project on the Creek with students this coming year. I've also added Brooke Singer from SUNY Purchase as I'...
HabitatMap 8 5857 Mon 09/08/2008, 09:41am
NYC Council hearing on the "Sustainability of Biofuels"
Please see slide show for accompanying images and graphs:

Hi, my name is Michael Heimbinder. I'm the Executive Director of HabitatMap.
HabitatMap is a Brooklyn based environmental health justice non-profit.

HabitatMap 3 17869 Wed 05/26/2010, 10:27pm
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