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CUP’s Affordable Housing Toolkit Launch Party & Workshops
The Center for Urban Pedagogy is throwing a launch party and hosting several free workshops to promote the use of their latest teaching and community organizing tool, "The Affordable Housing Toolkit". To learn more about the toolkit visit Be sure to take a min...
HabitatMap 0 5413 Thu 02/18/2010, 08:52am
AirCasting - Read Our Proposal
Thanks for the question Michel. More information about the performance of the air quality sensors we are using is available in our My Air, My Health Challenge solution, which is available for download via our blog, Keep tabs on the ...
HabitatMap 2 3502 Fri 06/07/2013, 03:27am
Fast Trash!


“Comparative Garbage Collection Strategy and Urban Planning”
Thursday, May 6, 6 - 9pm, Reception to follow.
NYU Wagner School of Public Service
295 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012
Web: www.wagn...
HabitatMap 0 4811 Wed 03/24/2010, 10:40am
Film Screening: The Good, The Bad, and The Empty
What's the deal with all those empty lots in East Flatbush? Join the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) Tuesday, June 1, at Anthology Film Archives for the world premiere of the documentary "The Good, The Bad, & The Empty."

CUP Teaching Artist Douglas Paulson and students from the BCCP's aftersch...
HabitatMap 0 4796 Thu 05/27/2010, 09:02am
HabitatMap vs. AirCasting account?
Great, thanks. In this case my question would be: where / how can I edit my AirCasting account?
tamberg 6 4264 Fri 11/17/2017, 03:02pm
AirCasting: restrictions on sensor values?
Only integers can be displayed in the AirCasting app UI but for sensors that report values with decimal places, these decimals are recorded, i.e. you can see them when you download the CSV file. There may be a limit to the number of digits that can be displayed. In my experience 5 and 6 digit n...
tamberg 2 4061 Wed 04/10/2013, 10:38am
Aircasting App
I just downloaded the AirCasting App to read PM2.5 data out of the Shinyei PM sensor. The app is able to connect to the app in my phone. The app is able to detect my phone microphone as one of the sensor option, but not the Arduino Shinyei sensor.

Any help would be very appreciated.

ashish_iowa 1 2912 Thu 10/15/2015, 12:17am
"Location fix could not be confirmed. Please make sure the location displayed is correct."
I have location tracking enabled on my phone, but every time I start a new recording session this message pops up. The map is centered on my location. Please help, thanks.
winterpines 1 2564 Mon 02/22/2016, 02:34pm
Air sampling in the neighborhoods surrounding Newtown Creek
8/27/2008 Michael Heimbinder from HabitatMap wrote:

I've added Steve Lang and Sarah Durand from LaGuardia Community College into the mix as we've been discussing doing an air monitoring project on the Creek with students this coming year. I've also added Brooke Singer from SUNY Purchase as I'...
HabitatMap 8 5762 Mon 09/08/2008, 09:41am
Newtown Creek Neighborhoods Mapping Workshop, 10/20
Mapping Workshop Resource Guide:

EPA Envirofacts Data Warehouse

NYSDEC Environmental Remediation Database

EPA Federal Superfund Sites

EPA AIRNow air quality database
HabitatMap 1 6774 Wed 10/22/2008, 06:47am
NYC Council hearing on the "Sustainability of Biofuels"
Please see slide show for accompanying images and graphs:

Hi, my name is Michael Heimbinder. I'm the Executive Director of HabitatMap.
HabitatMap is a Brooklyn based environmental health justice non-profit.

HabitatMap 3 17786 Wed 05/26/2010, 10:27pm
Get on the Map!
Dozens of schools, colleges, and grassroots groups have created HabitatMaps sharing what they know and advocating for positive change in their communities. Why not join them? Create a HabitatMap profile, and get on the map!

Upper West Side Streets Renaissance
- UWS Streets Renaissance Campaig...
HabitatMap 0 5092 Tue 10/25/2011, 11:38am
AirCasting: restrictions on sensor values?
Hi, are there any restrictions on sensor values like only int numbers or double with a max number of digits? (It seems that my external sensor can cause the measurements to disappear from the UI if such values are sent.)
tamberg 2 4061 Wed 04/10/2013, 10:38am
Can cities outside of New York join the fun?
I love the idea of this project and I want to try my hand at making an arduino-powered sensor. Are you guys supporting cities outside of New York?
brittany 1 1850 Thu 10/15/2015, 12:17am
How to measure PM10? And TSP?
Hey folk! Im doing a dust monitoring study for Ecology as well as community health near a coal mine in NSW, Australia. I've connected the air beam to my phone with the air casting app ok. But it is only measuring PM2.5 currently. Does anyone know how to get it to measure PM10 and TSP (Total Suspe...
Ameliemareva 1 2295 Tue 04/26/2016, 06:42pm
Marker Information
Hey! I just opened my account today so please forgive me if this question has been asked. Can the markers display any of the air quality readings collected? Because all I see when clicking on the markers is general information like name, address,etc.
GASP 1 3042 Fri 02/10/2017, 03:43pm
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