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Andrew and his family were very pleased with their environmentally friendly carpet cleaning.  He reported: "I was be able to step on my carpets just a few hours after they were cleaned. Natura Care did a great job."
Andrew and his wife were looking for an environmentally friendly way to clean the carpets in their home. The last time they had their carpets cleaned they hired a carpet cleaner who had a good reputation in the market but unfortunately he used traditional carpet cleaning methods which consume large quantities of water and employ harsh and frequently toxic cleaning products. The carpets got clean but they couldn't be used for several days because they were still wet.  In addition, the family was concerned that the prolonged wetness may have provided a medium for mold growth which, if not handled properly, can render a home unlivable.  Unhappy with their previous carpet cleaning experience Andrew contacted Natura Care to inquire as to how our  natural carpet cleaning services differ from the traditional methods they used before. We explained the environmental benefits of our services to Andrew and detailed the methods employed by our carpet cleaning technicians:

(o) Our environmentally-friendly cleaning products are odorless, non-foaming, residue free, and safe to use around the entire household!

(o) We will not turn your household into a soggy mess.  We use 10 times less water than traditional carpet cleaning methods. As a result, your entire house will be dry within an hour, keeping the humidity in your home low and preventing mold growth

(o) Our carpet cleanings reduce the presence of dust mites by 78%, mold spores by 85%, dust mite allergens by 75% and cat allergens by 85% (when carpets are cleaned at least twice a year.)

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