Bethesda, MD


Natural carpet cleaning, one hour dry carpet cleaning

Diane “Their technicians and the owners care a lot about their work and have a high work ethic. I found the company at Google when looking for a green carpet cleaning in the area. I am 100% satisfied – Five out of five stars!”

Diane just had marble floors installed in her kitchen. She could not wait to clean her house’s carpet after the dusty process her family had been through.  But one of her main concerns was to find a company that uses non-harsh cleaning products.  More than ever, at this point the indoor air quality of her house was a very important factor. When Diane heard of Natura Care environ-free, green carpet cleaning services she was motivated to maybe give it a try. After her meeting with Natura Care’s owner, Diane was ready to have our technicians clean the carpet of her entire house.  Later, after the work was completed we asked Diane what was the most important reason for her to use Natura Care. Diane said that after all the work and discomfort her family had been through for not being able to use the kitchen for awhile, Natura Care 1 hour dry time and the environmentally-friendly, non-harsh cleaning products, safe to use around her entire household, were the main factors that made her book the job with us.

Again, we were very happy that we could provide more than just a carpet cleaning service to another member of our community. Yes, we have a high work ethic in providing much more than floor cleaning services. We go beyond that!

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