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Natural Carpet Cleaning, Enviromentally-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Steven S. - " Bill has been great – he explained everything so well and offered advice that will certainly help us to maintain the carpets. I appreciated te level of attention to details at explaining his natural system and what it does to our environment. He took all the steps to ensure the highest quality service. I was looking for a cleaning porcess that would minimize any harmful cleaning agents left behind that could be a porblem for our 2 and 3 years old kids and our pets. The results are fantastic!"
Steven and Linda were fantastic customers; they helped the technicians all the way through the whole process, keeping their kids and the pets out of the way and helping us to grab all the toys in the basement. They were very happy with our non-toxic, non-harm cleaning products and the carpet protector we use to finish the job. Thank You guys!

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