37-30 Review Avenue, Long Island City, Queens, NY 10111

Long Island City

brownfield "vapor intrusion" VOCs CVOCs

imageParking lot of 37-30 Review Avenue
Site Description[1]
This BCP application pertains to the Review Avenue Development I property located at 37-30 Review Avenue, Long Island City, Queens County. This site is 3 acres in size and is currently being used as a commercial and industrial property. It is intended to continue to be commercial and industrial property. This project is in tandem with Quanta Resources, a/k/a Review Avenue Development II (C241005). The site is located adjacent to Quanta, 37-80 Review Avenue, Long Island City, and will be developed as a warehouse/distribution facility. The BCP application has been approved.

Site Environmental Assessment
Known or suspected contaminants include: petroleum, Chlorinated solvents, Other VOCs, metal and PCBs and are impacting the soil and groundwater. Information submitted with the BCP application regarding the environmental conditions at the site are currently under review and will be revised as additional information becomes available.

Site Health Assessment

Soil and groundwater at the site are contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and petroleum products. Human exposures to contaminated soil and groundwater are unlikely. The site is covered by pavement and most contamination lies at depth. Exposure to groundwater is unlikely since the area is served by public water. An investigation is currently in progress to evaluate the potential for soil vapor intrusion.

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