5220 37th Street, Long Island City, Queens 11101

Long Island City

Superfund VOCs "vapor intrusion"

imageWarehouse operated by Wonton Food
Aceto Corp., a bulk chemical and pharmaceutical company, and Wonton Foods, the largest manufacturer of noodles, wrappers, and fortune cookies in the US, now own the properties from which Roehr Chemical previously operated.
imageLot 28 today, Roehr Chemical's main building
Roehr Chemical was a manufacturer of bulk pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediates such as diet pills, allergy pills and chemicals used in muscle relaxants. Several VOCs such as xylene, benzene and diethyl-ketone were used in the production of these items. 
Roehr Chemicals owned and operated four buildings on five lots: 1, 8, 23, 24 and 28. Lot 28 contained the main building and was the focus of the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation's (NYSDEC) remediation efforts.

An initial investigation by the NYSDEC discovered a xylene plume leaving the site and entering neighboring Calvary Cemetery.[1]  To determine the extent of this contamination, a series of geoprobe borings and four monitoring wells were installed along Review Avenue. Total xylenes in many of these wells were found to be at a maximum concentration of 19 ppb. To reduce the concentration of xylenes a soil vapor extraction and air sparging system was installed in 1994 and further expanded in 1999. A Record of Decision signed in March 2001 selected a No Further Action Remedy with continued Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring of the installed SVE/AS system.  Continuing groundwater monitoring shows that groundwater concentrations of site related contaminants have been reduced to non-detect levels in most wells.  Quarterly groundwater sampling continues in order to assess if the reductions in groundwater contaminant levels are permanent.

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