605 West 30th Street


recycling, special, waste,

DSNY Manhattan Garage

Items Accepted

batteries: automotive*
batteries: household*
motor oil (up to 10 qts per visit)*
motor oil filters (up to 2 filters per visit)
transmission fluid (up to 5 qts per visit)*
fluorescent tubes & bulbs (tubes up to 4 feet in length)**
latex paint (up to 5 gallons per visit)
mercury thermometers and thermostats (up to 2 per visit)**
passenger car tires (up to 4 per visit)*

* Note: Residents also can return used auto batteries, motor oil, transmission fluid, car tires, and rechargeable batteries to retailers that sell them.

** Note: Some retailers will voluntarily accept compact fluorescent bulbs and mercury thermostats for recycling.

Each household may visit a Special Waste Drop-off Site up to six times per year. (Please note Drop-off Instructions below.) NYC residents must show a valid New York State driver’s license and a vehicle registration with NYC address. If arriving without a vehicle, NYC residents can provide a picture ID and proof of residency, such as a utility or telephone bill that contains their name and NYC address.

This site is solely for non-commercial New York City residential materials. Materials may not be from a business, industrial, fee for service, or profit-making activity. Drivers with commercial license plates will not be allowed to enter the collection area.




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