Muldoon Ave and West Shore Expressway, Staten Island

Fresh Kills

recycling, special, waste

Lcoated at the foot of Muldoon Avenue off the West Shore Expressway (440) adjacent to the DSNY Staten Island 3 garage.

Items Accepted

batteries: automotive*
batteries: household*
motor oil (up to 10 qts per visit)*
motor oil filters (up to 2 filters per visit)
transmission fluid (up to 5 qts per visit)*
fluorescent tubes & bulbs (tubes up to 4 feet in length)**
latex paint (up to 5 gallons per visit)
mercury thermometers and thermostats (up to 2 per visit)**
passenger car tires (up to 4 per visit)*

* Note: Residents also can return used auto batteries, motor oil, transmission fluid, car tires, and rechargeable batteries to retailers that sell them.

** Note: Some retailers will voluntarily accept compact fluorescent bulbs and mercury thermostats for recycling.

Each household may visit a Special Waste Drop-off Site up to six times per year. (Please note Drop-off Instructions below.) NYC residents must show a valid New York State driver’s license and a vehicle registration with NYC address. If arriving without a vehicle, NYC residents can provide a picture ID and proof of residency, such as a utility or telephone bill that contains their name and NYC address.

This site is solely for non-commercial New York City residential materials. Materials may not be from a business, industrial, fee for service, or profit-making activity. Drivers with commercial license plates will not be allowed to enter the collection area.




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