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"leaf litter", mulch, "McCarren Park", Greenpoint, Williamsburg

NYC Parks

Currently, the NYC Parks Dept. collects all leaf litter, branches, and other plant debris in bags, seasonally, within McCarren Park.  In order to collect and store all the leaf litter there are multiple leaf storage and collection areas dispersed throughout the park.  Once the leaf litter is collected the bags are dumped and stored at these sites until removal.  Generally, the leaf storage areas are about 10 square ft in size and are enclosed by a short fence.  After collection the leaf litter is then trucked to a centralized area north of the city, where it is then mixed with leaf litter from other parks.  Once at this centralized location the leaf litter is mulched and then trucked back into the city to be used within the city parks. 
The collection bags are reused when possible to eliminate waste.

Parks gardners are also known to take small amounts of leaf litter, as needed, for mulching and beautifying the park.

Source: Julia Morrow Assistant Director at the Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn

This research was compiled for an ongoing project concerning the creation of a zero waste McCarren Park.  Please feel free to add more information.




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