5700 47th St., Maspeth, Queens, NY 11378


"waste transfer station"

Pebble Lane Associates is owned and operated by the Lamanna family.  In addition to running the Pebble Lane waste transfer station the family also operates several trucking and construction material supply companies out of the same address, including Alfredo Lamanna Trucking, founded in 1972 and named after the patriarch of the family, and Almar Supplies, founded in 1989 by Rossana Lamanna Bartone.[1]   Alfredo Lamanna Trucking also runs operations out of Lynbrook, NY.

Contact Info
Facility Contact: Emilio Lamanna
Phone: 718-456-8636
NYSDEC Registration #: 41W64 
Pebble Lane Associates handles construction and demolition debris.

Transfer or Disposal Destination, 2006[2]

In 2006 Pebble Lane Associates handled 226,606 tons of material; this sum represents 1.8% of all waste exported through transfer stations in New York City.


Amount (tons)

Facility Name






  1. U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, Brown v. Sandimo Materials.  August Term, 2000 (Argued: December 13, 2000 Decided: May 14, 2001) Docket No. 00-7219.
  2. Pebble Lane Associates "Facility Annual Report, 2006". Filed with NYSDEC.  Numbers may not add up because of differences in the way tonnages are accounted for, e.g. scale weight vs. truck count, or because the records are incomplete.

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