Fresh Kills Landfill

Staten Island

9/11 memorial

As a tribute to the 9/11 landfill site the Fresh Kills future plan has a memorial park in the west park dedicated as a memorial to the lives lost in the attacks on the World Trade Centers.  There are some potetial issues for the creation of this memorial.  The first issue is that sifting through the debris shuttled to the site from ground zero was halted in March of 2002.  300 additional identifications were possible because of the recovery process. (for more information see the RECOVERY exhibition tag located in this map.) The second issue is that even though there were many additional identifications possible, no permission to continue sifting through the rubble even though there are still many family members who believe that remains of their loved ones are still located in that site.  Therefore, they are adamant that nothing be allowed to cover up the area in which the Medical Examiner of New York City signed a sworn affidavit that states there are most certainly still human remains within.




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