Fresh Kills, Staten Island

Fresh Kills, Staten Island

former landfill, proposed park



  In the Master Draft Plan for Fresh Kills Park, the framework integrates three separate systems- Programming, Habitat (or Wildlife) and Circulation. These three systems have been integrated into one cohesive and dynamic unit.

 1. Program: Huge  variety of public spaces and facilities for social, cultural and physical activity, for learning and play are planned. The size of the site allows the plan to support many sports and activities unusual in the city, such as mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding.

 2. Habitat: The Park will have richly diverse habitats for wildlife, birds and plant communities as well as beautiful natural settings for recreation. Through ecological innovation and creative design, new native plant communities will inhabit the site and connect  to adjacent park sites with the borough.

3. Circulation: Extensive network of paths, recreational waterways and enhanced access to and from the West Shore Expressway will create an interconnected park. People can travel by car, foot, mountain bike, canoe or horseback.






Fresh Kills Lifescape Presentation by the MoMA

This link is an incredible expression of the potential the new park possesses and illustrates the integration of the three systems used to plan the park.  Check it out to see the concept and execution of one of the design competition submissions.

MoMA website




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