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Houston, Texas based Waste Management, Inc. is the largest solid waste management company in the United States serving nearly 20 million municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential customers through a network of 379 collection operations, 342 transfer stations, 283 active landfills, 17 waste-to-energy plants, and 116 recycling plants.[1]  With approximately 48,000 employees and 24,000 collection and transfer vehicles Waste Management collects 83 million tons of solid waste annually and landfills an additional 45 million tons of third party waste.  In 2006 they earned revenues of $13.4 billion. 

In 1998 Waste Management was acquired by USA Waste Services Inc. which took over its name.  At the time of the merger, USA Waste was the third largest waste corporation in the US and Waste Management the largest.  Consolidation of the companies was challenged on anti-trust grounds by the Department of Justice and several State Attorney Generals, including the New York AG.[2]  After agreeing to sell off waste collection and disposal operations in 13 states the merger was approved.

In 2001 Waste Management settled a class action lawsuit accusing it of violations of federal securities laws in connection with its 1998 merger with USA Waste Services and its statements about financial performance in the first three quarters of 1999.[3]  The suit was settled for $457 million adding to the $229 million that Waste Management and its auditing firm, Arthur Andersen, agreed to pay to settle another class-action suit earlier that same year for inflating the company's earnings by more than $1 billion between 1993 and 1996.

Contaminated Landfills
The EPA's National Priorities List of hazardous properties identifies Waste Management as a potential responsible party in connection with 75 contaminated landfill locations (16 of which Waste Management currently owns).  Waste Management estimates their liability in connection with these sites at anywhere from $268 to $458 million.[4] 

Contact Info
Facility Contact: Jay Kaplan
Phone: 718-533-5310
Email: jkaplan2@wm.com
Website: www.wm.com
NYSDEC Registration #: 24T66
Waste Management of NY 215 Varick is one of 21 waste transfer stations in New York City and New Jersey that have contracts with the city to receive DSNY-managed waste.[5]  Currently, the facility is permitted to receive a maximum of 1,400 tpd of DSNY managed waste.

Transfer or Disposal Destination, 2006
In 2006 Waste Management NY 215 Varick handled 652,706 tons of material; this sum represents 5.3% of all waste exported through transfer stations in New York City.


Amount (tons)

Facility Name


putrescible solid waste


Laurel Highlands Landfill

Johnstown, PA

putrescible solid waste


Peekskill-Westchester Wheelabrator

Peekskill, NY

putrescible solid waste



Bridgeport, NY

putrescible solid waste


Harlem River Yard Transfer Station

Bronx, NY

putrescible solid waste


Grows Landfill

Morrisville, PA

putrescible solid waste


Shade Landfill

Cairnebrooke, PA

putrescible solid waste


Mountain View Landfill

Frostburg, MD

putrescible solid waste


High Acres

Fairport, NY



Neu Schnitzer

Medford, NY



WMNY Scott Ave./BQE

Brooklyn, NY

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