Onondaga County, NY

Onondaga County, NY

"Onondaga Lake", "Onondaga Nation", "Onondaga Creek", "environmental restoration"

All beings of Onondaga County
Located in the heart of Onondaga County, to the north of Syracuse, NY.

Revive Onondaga Lake HabitatMap
The Revive Onondaga Lake HabitatMap is a tool for sharing knowledge about Onondaga Lake and its watershed to support restoration efforts.  It is one of several linked forums designed to expand community participation in dialogue about the lake.  Please view our map and add markers and share information about the places you love (or are concerned about) near and around Onondaga Lake and its watershed. 

Also, visit and add your comments to the "Revive Onondaga Lake" blog.  These online forums will help decision makers access input from the watershed communities and creatively funnel their knowledge into a comprehensive, sustainable, and equitable restoration plan.  However, we as community members also have a responsibility to help make this watershed a beautiful and healthy place to live, so we invite you to join us in the revival of Onondaga Lake.

To "revive Onondaga Lake" involves reviving the lake and our relationship to it.  This map and its related forums offer opportunities for individuals to acknowledge and strengthen our connections to the lake and for the lake’s watershed communities to work toward a shared, cross-cultural commitment to the restoration of this special area. The creating team for this map is committed to a better future for Onondaga Lake. The team includes individuals from the Onondaga Nation, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Neighbors of Onondaga Nation, and Onondaga Environmental Institute. We are delighted you are taking a look at the Revive Onondaga Lake HabitatMap.


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