114 Troutman Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Condos, Gentrification

Taylor Clark is the lead salesman of CastleBraid. He promotes the sales of the overpriced apartments which are actually smaller then a lot of apartments in the community.

Before Castle Braid was developed, there was a gas station located there. Also before the gas station, there was a factory named CastleBraid as well and that is where the name came from for the new expensive apartments built.

There are 146 units at Castle Braid.  The units start at $1,650 for a one-bedroom, $2,350 for a two-bedroom, and the most expensive unit, a two-bedroom "convertible" duplex, lists for $3,500. Internet and cable TV are included.  Will artists will be able to afford these units?

CastleBraid is located on Troutman. It looks out of place compare to the other buildings around it. Troutman was never a street known to have such luxurious buildings until CastleBraid was built.

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