Outlet of Onondaga Creek to Onondaga Lake, Syracuse, New York


"Onondaga Lake", "Onondaga Creek"

New York State Canal Corporation manages the Inner Harbor as part of the New York State Barge Canal System.
For me, the Inner Harbor is an important part of a vision for Onondaga Lake.  If you live in Syracuse, and don't have or don't want to use a car, how on earth do you get to the Lake? 

The Inner Harbor could be the primary way citizens of the City of Syracuse access the shores of Onondaga Lake.  I would like to see the Canal Corp. cooperatively manage the Inner Harbor with Onondaga County so that the land and water stay public forever.  My vision is for the Inner Harbor to be renaturalized so that it is a beautiful, publicly accessible area with wetlands and shoals with viewing platforms for watching birds and fish migrations back and forth between the lake and creek.  I'd like for Syracuse city residents to be able to access Onondaga Lake easily from the Inner Harbor, especially without having to get there by car.




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