Between E 149th St & Longwood Ave along the Bruckner Expy

South Bronx

rail trains "rail yard" CSX GenSet locomotive

CSX Corporation, based in Jacksonville, Fla., provides rail-based transportation services.
Fuel Efficient Locomotives
In 2009, CSX Transportation unveiled four new GenSet locomotives at the Oak Point Rail Yard that will reduce emissions as they operate in and around the Bronx.[1]  
GenSet switcher locomotives can be cranked up as quickly as a truck engine, avoiding the need to leave engines idling for long periods of time, resulting in reductions in pollution and fuel consumption.  Under the hood of the GenSet are three 700 horsepower Cummins diesel engines. The engines run independently of each other and can  be switched on or off depending on the load and speed of the train, thereby maximizing fuel efficiency.  CSX planned to have 9 GenSets in operation by 2009.  Each of the locomotives costs $1.8.  The company plans to eventually replace the entire switching fleet with the low emission locomotives.[2] 
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