Fulton Ferry Landing Pier 1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11230


ashore2, NEH, dessert

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

DUMBO, Fulton Ferry Landing, right under the Brooklyn Bridge, down the block from Grimaldi's!

After a longish tour of Newtown Creek on a NYC Water Taxi, under the Brooklyn Bridge, under the Manhattan Bridge, under several other bridges, past refineries, oil, sugar, workers in hard hats, manufacturing plants, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and some other really cool stuff that only the creek could offer, we settled in for some ice cream while we walked in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.  As their sign boasts, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory uses fresh and natural ingredients.  Their vanilla has no added sugar.  All their flavors shout, "Eat me!"  Everyone who goes in a group will eventually find themselves taking a taste of everyone else's cup of icy goodness.




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