Brooklyn Navy Yard, 63 Flushing Ave Unit 283, Building 12, Brooklyn, New York 11205

Ft. Greene

LEED "Green Building" recycling "Green Manufacturing"

IceStone manufactures durable surface materials made from 100% recycled glass and concrete.  IceStone durable surfaces are produced in slabs, just like marble and granite, and can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to mined stone when sourcing materials for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tabletops, flooring, etc.

IceStone is the first and only durable surface in the world to receive McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry's Cradle to Cradle Certification. Cradle to Cradle assesses products on a number of criteria including the use of safe and healthy materials, design for material reuse and recycling, and the efficient use of energy and water throughout the production process.

IceStone is produced by an environmentally friendly manufacturing process in a daylit factory in the Brooklyn, Navy Yard.  Over 80% of their waste is recycled, recovered or composted, they use a low-emission manufacturing process, they are in the process of implementing a grey water recycling system, they have replaced petroleum-based machine lubricants with soy-based ones, and where possible, they source 100% post-consumer raw materials and supplies in their factory and offices.

IceStone and LEED
The United States Green Building Council developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System in order to provide the building industry with consistent and credible standards for what constitutes a green building. Using IceStone durable surfaces has helped many projects to obtain their LEED credits.

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