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Public School 154, located in the Windsor Terrace section of Brooklyn, serves a culturally diverse population of approximately 400 students in Pre-K through Fifth Grade. The school was known as the Windsor School until 2004, when it was renamed the Museum Alliance for Science and Technology Magnet School.[1] 

Student Population Profile
According to the latest data, 55% of the students are White; 11% are Black; 27% are Hispanic, and 7% are Asian. Approximately 10% of the students have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and receive the full continuum of services, including Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), instruction in self-contained classes, and related services such as speech and language, and counseling. Additionally, 4.3% of the students are English language learners (ELLs), with Spanish as the dominant language in most cases. The majority of students are from low-income families, and 42% qualify for free lunch.

The school houses three full-day pre-k classes, three kindergarten, three first grade, three second grade, three third grade, two fourth grade and two fifth grade classes in general education and two self-contained special education classes with students in grades 3-5. There is also an ESL program for grades K-5 which serves English language learners. In the upper grades, the average class size is 23 students; the class size in the lower grades is 20 students. Students are heterogeneously grouped within each grade.

The student body is served by 56 professionals and support staff, including the principal, 27 teachers, two staff developers, a full-time literacy coach, a part-time mathematics coach, a parent coordinator, a guidance counselor, seven paraprofessionals, a secretary, a school safety officer, four school aides, and twelve additional support personnel. Of the 27 teachers on staff, all are fully licensed and certified, 46% have more than 5 years teaching experience, and 62% hold a Master's degree. One teacher is a first year teacher and only four have fewer than three years of experience.

Parents are actively involved in a number of ways with the Learning-Leaders Parent Volunteer Program, through which they provide lunchtime supervison assistance, classroom tutoring, and participateas reading partners in book clubs with our fourth and fifth graders. To promote parent involvement, a parent coordinator has been assigned to the school.

PS 154 enjoys collaborations with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Studio-in-a-School, Good Shepherd Services, Maimonides Medical Center for Family Life, and the Family Reception Center. These agencies provide ongoing parent outreach, counseling and medical services, student tutoring, and referrals to other support agencies, and are vital components of the Academic Intervention Services.
  1.  PS 154 website.  "PS 154 - About the School".  <http://www.ps154.org/geninfo/about.html>.  Accessed 7/29/2010.

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