100-120 Apollo St, Brooklyn, NY


incinerator, warehouse, remediation

This property was purchased by the Brooklyn Ash Removal Company in 1926. In 1933, the New York City Board of Estimate acquired Brooklyn Ash and its network of 22 incinerators and continued operating the Apollo St Incinerator until 1965 when public complaints against dust and odor forced a shut down. In 1968, the Bridge-Apollo Company purchased the property but by the mid-1980’s the two lots comprising the Apollo Street property were under separate ownership. In 2000, Apollo Steel, aka Steel Equities, purchased both lots.[1]  

Currently, Empire Merchants operates a liquor distribution warehouse at this location on property leased from Apollo Steel.  The liquor warehouse also includes buildings on the lot directly to the east, which Empire Merchants owns outright.  Empire Merchants was created in February, 2007 by the business combination of Peerless Importers and Charmer Industries.
A liquor warehouse and former site of the Apollo St Incinerator.
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