Dupont St & Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY


"Creek Speak", CHHNP, "public health"

Laura Hofmann

Greenpoint, Dupont St. & Manhattan Ave., previously lived at Clifford Pl. & Guernsey St.

Length of Residence in Neighborhood:
lifelong resident (30 years on Dupont St.)

community activist, mother, grandmother, wife

Neighborhood Amenities:
parks, youth sports, community spirit, charming stores

Neighborhood Nuisances:
pollution (particularly oil spill and other industrial pollution), limited park space & waterfront access

Activities in Neighborhood
Green Oaks Club member, community gardener, founded Barge Park Pals, former Greenpoint Ambulance Corps Volunteer, ran softball tournaments for the Greenpoint Hispanos Unidos, active with Brooklyn Community Board 1 Rezoning Group, Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee member, Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks and Planning member, Kosciuszko Bridge Stakeholder’s Advisory Group

Social/Family Network in Neighborhood
most of her family, peers from community organizations

To listen to more stories from Newtown Creek or learn about the Creek Speak project visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website.

Newtown Creek Alliance



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