Ridgewood Gardens Co-op, 52-24 65th Place, Maspeth, NY 11378


"Creek Speak", CHHNP, "public health"

Dennis Friedman

Previously lived in Maspeth at the Ridgewood Gardens Co-op, 53rd Ave. & 62nd St.

Length of Residence in Neighborhood:
Approximately 16 years

Got a job in engineering and moved out of Maspeth shortly thereafter

Neighborhood Amenities:
Maspeth today appears to be more integrated with the rest of the city than it was when I was growing up there; racial, religious, and cultural segregation appear to be less prevalent now.  The Maspeth that I remember was highly segregated and intolerant and one small section there lived together in a very communal environment.

Neighborhood Nuisances:
During his time in Maspeth, the area was in a two fare zone, making Maspeth fairly isolated from the rest of the city, city services were a bit lacking and outdated, aware of an abnormally high incidence of cancer among younger people in his Co-Op, building incinerators may have had an effect on local health conditions

Activities in Neighborhood:
Grew up in Maspeth, went to Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn Poly, worked in exports & at father’s photo studio, frequented Grand Ave. shops

Social/Family Network in Neighborhood:
Sister still lives in Maspeth, grew up in the same co-op as and is friends with Cookie Samuels.

To listen to more stories from Newtown Creek or learn about the Creek Speak project visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website.

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