Ridgewood Gardens Co-op, 52-24 65th Place, Maspeth, NY 11378


"Creek Speak", CHHNP, "public health"

Gladys "Cookie" Samuels

previously lived in Maspeth at the Ridgewood Gardens Co-op, 53rd Ave. & 62nd St., currently lives in Rockaway Township, NJ.

Length of Residence in Neighborhood:
approximately 25 years

runs an online retail shop that sells sporting goods, mother and wife

Neighborhood Amenities:
close-knit community, affordable, safe area, cultural diversity (more of a mosaic of cultures than a melting pot)

Neighborhood Nuisances:
two-fare zone status isolated Maspeth from the rest of the city, incinerators located within the four Co-Op buildings regularly showered soot on the neighborhood, unusually high incidence of cancer among young co-op residents, now shuttered sanitation department incinerator

Activities in Neighborhood:
shopping along Grand Ave., long walks throughout Queens, attended school in the area

Social/Family Network in Neighborhood:
grew up in the same co-op as and is friends with Phyllis Gowa, Dennis Friedman and Arlene Mandano

To listen to more stories from Newtown Creek or learn about the Creek Speak project visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website.

admin, Newtown Creek Alliance



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