Lorimer St & Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY


"Creek Speak", CHHNP, "public health"

Leela Corman

previously lived in Greenpoint, Lorimer St. & Meserole Ave., currently lives in Ditmas Park

professional bellydancer, freelance designer, wife and mother

Neighborhood Amenities:
comfortable, safe, conveniently located and affordable, Greenpoint YMCA, large Polish population added to the unique cultural composition, McGolrick Park, McCarren Park, McCarren Park Greenmarket, local Polish & Thai restaurants

Neighborhood Nuisances
neighbors dumping bleach into the soil, the police gas pump possibly contaminating surrounding soil, she & her husband weren’t sure if they wanted to attempt a pregnancy in Greenpoint

Activities in Neighborhood:
dancing at the YMCA

Social/Family Network in Neighborhood:
husband, peer group – other artists & dancers

To listen to more stories from Newtown Creek or learn about the Creek Speak project visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website.

admin, Newtown Creek Alliance



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