Newel St & Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY


"Creek Speak", CHHNP, "public health"

Grace Tyries

Greenpoint, Newel St & Nassau Ave

Length of Residence in Neighborhood:
Lifelong resident

Neighborhood Nuisances:
Newtown Creek odors (which smell of rotten garbage) are more defined in warm weather, is aware that several residents in Greenpoint have gotten sick and that those residents link the illnesses to the oil spill, believes that widespread littering poses health hazards and is surprised that no one seems to get fined, remembers odors from old Van Iderstein fat rendering plant

Activities in Neighborhood
active member of the Lutheran Church of the Messiah

Social/Family Network in Neighborhood:
family has lived in Greenpoint for multiple generations, grandparents owned candy & fish stores near Dupont St., now social network is mostly limited to the church

To listen to more stories from Newtown Creek or learn about the Creek Speak project visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website.

Newtown Creek Alliance



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