5 Park St. Pittsfield, NH


"Pittsfield NH"

The mission of the Pittsfield Drug and Alcohol Coalition (PDAC) is to support youth in the community to make healthy decisions and abstain from underage drinking, abusing prescription drugs or using illicit drugs or tobacco. These initiatives are sustained through collaborative community involvement by providing prevention information, intervention solutions and treatment efforts that will promote positive behaviors which will measurably improve the health and well being of our youth, families and citizens.

The coalition holds regular meetings and public awareness campaigns and forums.

The Pittsfield Drug and Alcohol Coalition works collaboratively with the Pittsfield Community Coalition, the Pittsfield Youth Workshop, the Pittsfield School District and the Pittsfield Police Department by co sponsoring Community Forums called 'What are our kids telling us?'

Hosts National Night Out and Presciption Take-Back Day.


Pittsfield Community Coalition
Pittsfield Youth Workshop
Pittsfield School District
Pittsfield Police Department




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