577 Court St., Brooklyn, NY

Red Hook

"waste transfer station"

Started in 1995 by Mickey Flood, a former Waste Management executive and current IESI President, Texas based IESI was acquired by BFI Canada Income Fund in 2005.  The combined companies operate an international fleet of collection vehicles, 27 transfer stations, 13 recycling facilities, and 22 landfills in 9 US states and 5 Canadian provinces.[1]  With 2,900 employees serving more than 1 million residences and upwards of 100,000 commercial and industrial customers BFI Canada earned revenues of $771 million Canadian dollars in 2006.  Independent Environmental Services Inc. (IESI) manages their New York City operations from an office in Lyndhurst, NJ.
In 2006 IESI (577 Court St.) handled 208,649 tons of material; this sum represents 1.7% of all waste exported through transfer stations in New York City.  This facility handles putrescible solid waste.

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