180 Intervale Road Burlington VT 05401


"Burlington, VT"

Mission: The Intervale Center seeks to nurture and sustain farms, land, and people.  It manages 350 acres of farmland, nursery, trails, and wildlife corridors along the Winooski River in Burlington, Vermont. 

For youth:

The Burlington School Fund Project connects school kids and families with nearby farms by bringing fresh produce to cafeterias and hands-on agricultural education to students.  The Healthy City Program was designed in response to the community's need for job and life-skills training for at-risk youths; the need for better education about food in our local schools; and the needs of low-income families for fresh produce.
Partners for the Burlington School Fund Project include:

Burlington Legacy Project
Burlington School District
City Market/Onion River Co-op
Food Works
Shelburne Farms
Sustainable Schools Project
University of Vermont
Vermont FEED




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