1138 Pine Street Burlington, Vermont 05401


"Burlington, VT"

Provides a variety of services for youths with substance abuse, mental health, violence, and sexual abuse trauma.  These services include:

-JOBS Program, which provides case management and employment support for adolescents and young adults (ages 16-21) experiencing mental health issues;
-24 hour Crisis Service;
-Developmental Disability Support;
-Family support services;
-Centerpoint, which provides services for teens with substance abuse and mental health issues;
-Intensive Family-Based Services, which provides intensive intervention for families where a child is at risk of removal from home for reasons of abuse, neglect, or serious emotional disturbance
-Youth Therapy

**The HowardCenter also offers mental health consultation and training in assisting schools and educators; this includes the Students FIRST Project, which aims at integrating schools and mental health systems (South Burlington School District, VT Dept. for Children and Families and a consortium composed of all Chittenden County School Districts).
Partners with Chittenden County School District and VT Dept. for Children and Families, in the Students FIRST Project. 

Other partners include: 

Winooski Family Center
Winooski School District
Winooski Housing Authority
Pine Forest Children's Community




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