941 Stanley Ave, Brooklyn, NY

East New York

"waste transfer station"

Waste Services of NY (941 Stanley) is owned by Scottsdale, Arizona based Allied Waste Industries, Inc.  Allied Waste is the second largest non-hazardous solid waste management company in the United States, servicing 10 million customers and operating a network of 300 collection companies, 164 transfer stations, 169 active landfills, and 53 recycling facilities in 37 states and Puerto Rico.  With 24,000 employees and the 8th largest truck fleet in the U.S., Allied Waste earned revenues of $6.029 billion in 2006, mostly from residential and commercial collection services.[1] 
In 2006 Waste Services of NY (941 Stanley) handled 90,969 tons of material; this sum represents 0.7% of all waste exported through transfer stations in New York City.  This facility handles putrescible waste.

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