11 Sullivan Street Berwick, Maine 03901


"Berwick, ME"

The world's largest veterans organization.

Regular meetings, community suppers, fundraisers. Provides assistance to Red Cross, support youth sports, etc.

For youth: Educational and volunteer/internship possibilities for youth (for instance, the Post seeks help with its website).

Sponsors the boys' state and girls' state youth government.

Also gives a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior.

At the end of the school year, they go into the middle school to do a flag-burning ceremony to teach the proper way to dispose of the American flag when they can no longer be used.

 Provide opportunities for the high school seniors to volunteer to remove flags that have been put on the graves of veterans.

The students also volunteer at two annual spaghetti dinners. The Legion puts on a citizenship dinner for approx. 25 people and it is catered by the Culinary Students.




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