58 High Street Somersworth, NH 03878


"Somersworth, NH"

Covers towns of Berwick and N. Berwick.

Business training and events; overseas travel trips. Potential liaison for school-business partnerships.

May be open to educating youth:

(from its Jan. 2010 newsletter)

Teach a Class - Promote Your Business

We all have a skill, knowledge or experience we can share. Whether it’s plumbing, hair styling, personal organizing or estate planning, you can be sure there's someone who'd like to learn more about it. And while they're learning a new skill, they're also getting to know you and your business. Dover Adult Learning Center will be accepting proposals for classes, from one-night workshops to 6 or 8 week courses, starting in January for our Spring session which starts in March. Nominal fees to students support the Center's literacy work while keeping a night out affordable.




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