31 Elmwood Avenue Burlington, VT 05401


"Burlington, VT"

Spectrum Youth and Family Services

Mission: To empower teenagers, young adults, people with a history of violence and their families.  To make and sustain positive changes through prevention, intervention and life skills services.
 Provides emergency shelter and transitional living to homeless and at risk youth.  Has outpatient counseling program, drop-in center, education program. 

The Jump on Board with Success (JOBS) Program joins with HowardCenter in providing youths ages 16-21 w/ an emotional or behavioral disability and are in need of extra support/services to maintain and make progress in their educational or employment settings. 

Mentoring Program pairs responsible adult volunteers w/ youth between the ages of 11 and 21.  The Street Outreach Program's goal is to build relationships between street youth and program outreach staff to facilitate youth leaving the streets. 

The Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (VIPP) is a coordinated community effort to end male violence against women and children by educating young men who use violence. 

The Youth Development Program serves youth who are/who have been in the custody of the state, or young people in the substitute care under DCF. 

The Youth and Family Wellness Project (YFWP) provides support, education, and clinical services to help young people (ages 14-21) who may have substance abuse/mental health issues.

Many volunteer and internship opportunities.
Partners include:

The Community Health Center of Burlington




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