87 West Street Danbury, CT 06810


"Danbury CT"

Mission: The Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury is a collaborative force that empowers and encourages members of the Hispanic community on their journeys to self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, educational attainment, career development and entrepreneurial success. The Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury, Inc. is a community based organization assisting the Hispanic population to enter and succeed in the social and economic mainstream of society. We support the Hispanic community to overcome obstacles and become vital participants and leaders to the community at large. Programs include ESL, Citizenship, Computer, Math/GED, Health Services.  

Programs:  Include youth: Pregnancy, pre-and post-natal education Education– Anger Management Advocacy for children with special needs in the Danbury Public Schools College orientation and counseling
Partners:  The building is used by other agencies and groups in the community and the Spanish AA Group meets independently 3 times a week. AIDS Project of Greater Danbury




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