42 Tamarack Av., Danbury CT 06811


"Danbury CT"

Danbury Public Schools - Preschool Screening and Assessment - Preschool Team
Mission: Early Intervention Services, developmental screenings and assessment.  Provided by the Danbury Public Schools. 
Programs: Will observe preschoolers day care, nursery school, Head Start or Readiness program. Screenings and assessments are done on Friday mornings throughout the school year at Hayestown School. The Preschool Team consists of special education-early childhood teachers, speech pathologists, and social workers.  When needed a school nurse, physical therapist or occupational therapist are available to the team. Offers specialized programs for children three years of age to kindergarten who qualify for services. The services provided may include: school based special education programming; speech/language therapy; consultative and support services to the child's community program, and parent education.




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