21 Hayestown Ave. Danbury CT 06811


"Danbury CT"

Mission: The mission of the Connecticut Technical High School System is to provide a unique and rigorous high school learning environment that:  ensures both student academic success, and trade/technology mastery and instills a zest for lifelong learning; prepares students for post-secondary education, including apprenticeships, and immediate productive employment; and responds to employers' and industries' current and emerging and changing global workforce needs and expectations through business/school partnerships.

Grades 9-12. Provides technical education in a variety of fields, such as automotive repair, computer drafting and design, electronics, manufacturing, culinary arts, carpentry, hairdressing, etc. Supplemental programs include work-based learning program, special education, career development lab, and language arts and mathematics lab. Student activities include student council, national honor society, SkillUSA, yearbook, and bowling club.
Partnerships include:

Mitchell Oil (Danbury), Goodrich Corporation (Danbury), Capitol Design & Engineering (Danbury), Bob Iapaluccio & Sons (New Milford), Sealed Air Corp. (Danbury), Performance Imports (Danbury), J.A.R. Associates (Danbury), Sherman IGA (Sherman), CJ’s Plumbing & Heating, Barden Corp, Brookfield Plumbing & Heating, CED (New Milford), Sonics & Materials (Newtown), and Farrell Precision (New Milford)

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