6 Jandee Dr. Danbury, CT 06811


"Danbury CT"

Mission: The William J. Knight Foundation, Inc. exists to help children of African-American, Latino, Asian and Native American descent (as well as those of other minority populations) to grow academically, sensitively, and responsibly. It does this by promoting economic, educational, political, social and health related activities, and the arts. The Foundation supports these activities in collaboration with other community-based organizations.


Provides free summer camp for inner city kids in housing complexes in partnership with Danbury Housing Authority. Children have classes in computer, literacy, art, swimming, literacy, tutors, and overall education to resources in our community. Kiosk stations exist for social service agencies and churches.

Technical assistance has also been provided for computer Internet services, which include creating web pages. Computers have also been provided for seniors and young adults in the Danbury community. The Foundation has started an English as a second language (ESL) school in conjunction with ORCAMAJES, an African- Brazilian group. ESL classes serve over 50 students who need beginning, intermediate or advanced English language training.

Partners: William J. Knight Foundation, Inc. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Portuguese Cultural Center.




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