Bronx River between Rosewood Street and Allerton Aveue, Bronx, NY

Olinville, Bronxdale

bronx river, bronx forest, canoe

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

The Bronx River Forst, which extends south into the New York Botanical Garden, boasts many trees that are more than 100 years old. Recent improvements include restoration of the river’s floodplain, construction of a boardwalk and loop trail, an improved Greenway bike path, and renovation of the historic Burke Bridge. Burke Bridge is also the northern border of Bronx Park, 718.1 acres that house the New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx River Forest, and the Bronx Zoo. Today, the forest is home to more than 250 thriving species of native flora such as pin oak, river birch, and white snakeroot, and native fauna, including the mallard, common merganser, and muskrat.




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