P.O. Box 308 Bristol, VT 05443


"Bristol, VT"

Five-Town Business Council

The Five Town Area Business Council is a division of the Addison County Chamber of Commerce serving Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, New Haven and Starksboro.

"Our towns and villages-with their village greens and parks, restaurants and friendly storeowners and employees, are attractive to visitors and residents.  Our area offers stimulating and vital community activities ranging from cultural opportunities, auctions, old fashioned fairs, band concerts, ice cram socials, Fourth of July celebrations and a host of festivities to keep you entertained.  On rainy days, shops, bookstores, galleries, museums and libraries are havens.

Our nearby mountains and beautiful lakes offer you unsurpassed recreational opportunities.  Dense forests offer you scenic hikes and bike rides.  Our back roads invite you to go exploring.  Rivers and lakes are bountiful for fishing, swimming or just relaxing on the banks.  Major ski areas are close by, offering challenging slopes for downhill skiers and snowy miles for cross-country enthusiasts.

Stay in the comfort of one of our charming bed and breakfasts when visiting the area and satisfy your hunger with a meal from one of our local restaurants, offering a variety of foods for every palate.  We welcome you to come visit our community…….you will never want to leave."
Pathways Project partner; composed of business owners on Main Street - a division of the Addison County Chamber of Commerce.

Pathways hopes the Five-Town Business Council will identify internship placement opportunities as well as inform the community about the benefits that Pathways provides.




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