Bronx River above Boston Road, Bronx, NY

Bronx Park East, Pelham Parkway

Bronx Zoo, bronx river, canoe, portage

Bronx Zoo



Bronx Zoo Twin Dams powered Bolton’s Bleach and Dye Works, a.k.a “The Bleach” until 1888.

The stretch from these dams to River Park can be very shallow at times. Paddlers may need to disembark and pull boats for short distances, depending on conditions.

South of Fordham Road about 600 feet, look for the channel on the east just before the falls, leading to a small island between the twin dams here. The short portage trail goes up and over the island. No more than two boats may land at a time and the path down the other side of the island is steep, so exercise caution and patience. At high water, there may be strong currents at the launch site.




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