1 Turner Lane Randolph, MA 02368


"Randolph MA"

Mission: The Board of Health is charged with protecting the public health and safety of the citizens of Randolph.  Some important Board of Health functions include:  Food Inspection; Swimming Pools, Recreational camps; Housing; Trash; Hazardous Waste; communicable diseases and other Public Health nuisances.
Programs: Handles health and sanitation complaints, issues food-related permits, manages solid waste disposal and recycling programs, inspects nursing homes.

Examples of youth-related activities:
'Because of the extensive education by the BOH to the residents and businesses of Randolph, we have almost tripled our recycling percentage.  Residents can continue to recycle their old clothes and shoes, which are picked up and recycled to a textile manufacturer by disposing of same at the Randolph High School parking lot and most recently at Bob’s Stores.  The textile manufacturer, in turn, gives money back to the Randolph Public Schools to offset the high cost of athletic programs. ' and...
'The Board of Health was also successful in obtaining a $1,067.00 Tobacco Compliance Enforcement Grant designed to stave sales of tobacco products to minors.'
Partner: Randolph Public Schools




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