4 Pray St. Gardiner, ME


"Gardiner, ME"

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Gardiner
Find the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Gardiner on facebook, follow this link.

Throughout the year the Club has many opportunities for volunteering or community service which ever is needed. Volunteers could be doing anything from cleaning, odd jobs and even working with children. All individuals that are interested in volunteering need to complete a volunteer application and if over 18 need to be cleared through a national background check."

Offers sports involvement; volunteering and community service opportunities; a teen center for youth entering 6th through 12th grade, including three trips a week and club activities; tutoring for teens in danger of failing (funded by 21st Century Community Learning Center monies). Must be member of Teen Center; cost of membership is $120/wk for teens outside Gardiner, West Gardiner, Pittston and Randolph.

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