36 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner, Me 04345


"Gardiner, ME"

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area

Provides health education and advocacy to communities and schools in  Augusta, Chelsea, Farmingdale, Fayette, Gardiner, Hallowell, Litchfield, Manchester, Monmouth, Mount Vernon, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, Richmond, Vienna, Wayne, West Gardiner, Windsor, Winthrop.
The Healthy Communities of the Capital Area supports various youth initiatives, including School Health Leaderships Councils, ''Teens Making Change','Youth Tobacco, and Substance Abuse Prevention', and physical activities and nutrition education. HCCA provides assistance to youth groups who engage in addressing community needs around improving physical activity and nutrition, preventing substance abuse and decreasing tobacco use and exposure.
Partners of the Healthy Communities of the Capital Area include the Southern Kennebec Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, the Maine Dental Access Coalition, theHome Heating Challenge Group, the Capital Area Network, and the Southern Kennebec Healthy Start.

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area has provided programming to many schools in its service area.




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