27 West Allen St. Winooski, VT 05404


"Winooski VT"

Supports active involvement by Winooski citizens in resolving conflict, preventing crime, and providing support to individuals affected by crime. The WCJC uses restorative justice approaches in all its programs to respond to crime/conflict at the earliest possible moment. Trained volunteers hold wrongdoers accountable, provide an opportunity for victims to be hears, work with the responsible party to identify harm caused, take steps to repair the harm, and offer opportunity to re-direct unlawful behavior in a more positive direction.

Programs: Volunteer Reparative Board
Mediation Program
Graffiti Abatement
Victim Advocacy
Language Line Services (interpretation services)
Support of Community Programs (i.e. summer program, police dept. R&R camp, middle school alternative ed. program, police dept. summer bike patrol)
Project Harmony (3-day training relating to youth justice)

For youth: volunteer opportunites, possibly study/internship opportunities

Winooski Police Department




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