32-C Malletts Bay Ave. Winooski, VT 05404


"Winooski, VT"

Mission:  To strengthen community one family at a time.

Has several programs:

Circles of Support, a community development initiative committed to the empowerment and economic self-sufficiency of families and individuals in need.

Health Education and Access Linkages, which brings health education to low income Vermonters and bridge the cultural divide between providers and recipients of care.

The Nutritional Literacy Project, which provides hands-on nutrition education so that individuals who are in economic distress and have poor health may develop strategies for improved nutrition to manage and prevent illness.

Seeks client ‘friends and allies’ and other volunteers.

UVM's Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
VT Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
Mercy Connections
University of Vermont College of Medicine
Community Health Center of Burlington
Good News Garage
Community & Economic Development Office (CEDO), Burlington




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