185 Lancaster Street, Suite 204 Portland, Maine, 04101


"Portland, ME"

Mission:  To increase access to food for those in need in Southern Maine by providing a system for community-based volunteers who serve prepared meals where such meals are needed, and by collaborating with other hunger agencies and community stakeholders in developing an efficient network for the collection and equitable distribution of food.

Beginning in March of 2010, Wayside moved the Soup Kitchen meals program away from the Oxford Street kitchen location to establish a neighborhood-based model of feeding the community. Wayside’s new Supplemental Community Meals approach of addressing hunger relief focuses on meeting the needs of community members not reached by existing programs.

Seeks volunteers to prepare and serve meals, and to work in Walton Street warehouse, to assist with food drives and food rescue.

Partners and supporters include:

United Way of Greater Portland
City of Portland
Good Shepherd Food Bank
Immanuel Baptist Church
Woodford Congregationalist Church




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