6 South St. Bristol, VT


"Bristol, VT"


To work to conserve Bristol’s natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations; raise public awareness of these resources; and provide opportunities for greater involvement by the community.


- Identify natural and cultural resources in the town.
- Assist the town on natural/cultural resource and quality of life issues.
- Assist in developing and conserving parks, natural areas, farms and farm land.
- Establish and maintaining recreation trails.
- Organize Green Up Day and other activities that contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment.
- Conduct wildlife tracking and sign surveys, and work to protect native animal and plant species.
- Conduct water and air quality monitoring studies.
- Sponsor educational field trips and events with naturalists, the forest products industry, and outdoor sportsmen/women.
- Establish a fund for land conservation projects.
- Work with local businesses, organizations and citizens toward fulfilling these objectives.

Excellent learning opportunity for youth.




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