13 Rose Street Danbury, CT 06810


"Danbury, CT"

Mission: Jericho Partnership is a collaboration of Christ-centered ministries and congregations serving the youth, homeless and other at-risk populations of Danbury, Conn.

Jericho Partnerships operates an alternative, faith-based high school for students who are at risk in the typical high school.

-Free pediatric clinic
-Afterschool tutoring
-Middle school for boys, grades 6-8
-Mentoring program for middle and HS students
-$5,000 stipend for school or tutoring
-Counseling - individual, group, family and pastoral
-Community Service opportunities
-Hopeline - preganancy resource center for education and support

Bethany Christian Services
Brotherhood of Christ
Community Outreach Ministries
Highways and Hedges
Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Centers
Pathways Academy
Pathways Danbury
Samaritan Health Center
Young Life Danbury




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